Why Choose AllianceHR?

Why Choose AllianceHR?

First and foremost every PEO client of AllianceHR raves about our customer service. When you call AllianceHR you speak immediately to a Representative since we don't have one of those annoying automated phone systems. We pride ourselves on our Service and it separates us from other PEO's. Our many clients all throughout Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania have been with us for years and we take great satisfaction addressing all their needs. By partnering with AllianceHR your company will have more time to focus on sales and daily operations, allowing you to grow and become more profitable. Let us handle the payroll processing, workers’ compensation insurance, administration of employee benefits and the management of human resources. Essentially, an affiliatiion with AllianceHR will help you build your business. Join AllianceHR today!.

Testimonials from AllianceHR Clients

“AllianceHR always delivers on-time payroll processing and their web based payroll system is easy and quick to use. I have 10 employees and it takes me literally 3 minutes every week to process payroll. This combined with the exceptional customer service makes AllianceHR second to none!”
- Susan S.

” Before I joined AllianceHR, it was a challenge to manage worker’s comp on my own with the reports, compliance, and dreadful end of the year audits. Now AllianceHR manages all of that for me. They also assume my worker’s comp risk which is a huge relief for me not having to worry about a worker’s comp claim or how to process it.”
- Steve C.

“I call AllianceHR at all times of the day and it is nice to know that they are always available. Whether it’s a favor I need in submitting my payroll late or if I have a tax form I need help understanding, AllianceHR is always there for me.” - Karl U.

“The Payroll Department at AllianceHR is very responsive with any challenges that may come up along the way. It is always a pleasure to deal with Ivette each pay period. Their customer service has been “A+” from the set up to the everyday management. The whole team makes us feel like we are working together, not just a vendor/customer relationship. I would highly recommend AllianceHR to any company.”
- Melissa I.

“I wish I had found AllianceHR long ago to manage my workers’ comp. I literally had no idea how complicated a worker’s comp claim could be. From working with the clinic and hospital that treated my employee, to making sure the insurance carrier covered all the expenses. Plus, my worker’s comp mod increased and I had an extremely difficult time finding coverage at a reasonable rate. AllianceHR now handles all of my former concerns and has made my job so much easier.”
- Michael S.

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