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Partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) enables a company to outsource its payroll processing, workers’ compensation insurance, administration of employee benefits and the management of human resources.

A contractual relationship, known as “co-employment”, is established between the PEO and its client. Under this co-employer agreement AllianceHR becomes the employer of record, assuming responsibility for payroll processing and payroll taxes, as well as the liability for worker compensation and unemployment claims. The client still maintains complete control of its operations, employees, marketing, sales and service. Essentially, an affiliation with AllianceHR gives a company more time to focus on sales and daily operations, allowing them to grow and become more profitable. Let us help you build your business.

AllianceHR Services

  • Accurate, On-Time Payroll Processing and Distribution
  • Direct Deposits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Secure, Online Client Login and Employee Access
  • “Pay as you go” workers comp. The client pays a certain percentage every pay period
  • Payroll record maintenance and management
  • Employee verification. I-9’s
  • Payroll Tax Compliance. Quarterly and Annual reports filed
  • W2’s and annual tax reports
  • Employee safety program and Return to work program
  • Coverage through an “A” rated insurance carrier
  • ACH payment of invoices
  • Eliminates client workers comp risk since AllianceHR is the employer of record
  • Workers Comp and Unemployment Claims management
  • Certificate of insurance requests
  • No workers comp deposits, audits or large premiums
  • Established risk management program with a proven track record
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