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January 13, 2016

employee leasingWe all know that PEO or Professional Employers Organization has come as a savior for many small, medium and big fortune companies which provides them with many advantages. The PEO’s have actually found out solution to the HR problems as the business houses are busy meeting the needs of their end-users. By using the services of PEO, their clients have come out a long way and can concentrate on their core competencies as well.

Advantageous side of using PEO services

As we all know PEO’s have made us feel their importance since they are helping companies in meeting their business endeavors in the right way. In this, a co-employer relation is established with a PEO firm and they get to look over the HR of the company by undertaking the work of their clients. Here are some of its advantages:

  • The company helps the organization in undertaking the work of payroll processing, workers compensation, maintenance of insurance plans etc.
  • They are also doing the work of hiring and firing the employees on the behalf of the company so as to keep the skilled workforce.
  • Establishing the program which covers various rights of the employees and covers the work-related risks.
  • They also help in reducing the legal liabilities and obligations the company has towards the employees as it is handled by the PEO’s.
  • It helps the company in focusing on their sales and services so that they can grow and develop by earning more and more profits.

Disadvantages of hiring a PEO

We all know that hiring a PEO service is going to add on extra benefits to our organization as it helps in giving their clients a sense of contentment so that they can work in an apt way. But despite of various merits, there are some disadvantages of hiring a PEO for the company’s work:

  • The hiring and termination of the worker is done on the policies laid down by the PEO firms.
  • Many a times, it creates confusion amongst the employees and it even messes up whole work of HR too.
  • The PEO’s are recognized as the employers of your workers as the firm has rehired your employees.

Lastly, it can be seen that despite of some of the disadvantages, we cannot altogether ignore the benefits of hiring a PEO.

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