Rules and regulations: Workers compensation
October 13, 2015


Businesses have a lot of work on their plate already, especially small businesses just fighting to stay alive. Adding the stress of dealing with HR problems and payroll makes it even worse. That is why Alliance HR offers PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services to help businesses who need to get back to focusing on what they do best.

What is PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization is a company that you let take care of all your HR management and benefits administrator. Rather than trying to memorize all the rules in your specific state or in multiple states if your business spans the country, it is easier to hand off all that stuff to someone else. You may not even realize that you are forgetting to do something important and legally required for your employees, but a PEO will ensure that you are keeping up with all the laws and won’t get in trouble for them later.

Keeps you safe

Part of the reason why you’d choose to go with Alliance HR as a PEO is that you no longer assume liability if there are any issues. You’ll enter into a co-employment agreement allowing Alliance HR to be the employer on record. Essentially, we become legally responsible for all HR issues, payroll, employee payroll taxes, workers comp, and much more. It is a pain to try and remember what day you have to send all your W-2s out by and how to determine whether someone who works with you is an employee or contractor. Dealing with workers comp and ensuring you actually paid it as legally required is another thing you may forget about or not have the time to try and figure out. We do all the work when it comes to your employees, so you can go back to work. If you are already too busy with work, then you know that having someone take the stress of HR management off your plate will ensure more success in your business and a better night’s rest for everyone.

Keep your employees happy

Not only are you going to benefit from no longer having the stress of dealing with HR issues, but you will also have happier employees. As a small business, sometimes remembering to cut checks on specific days is hard, especially when those days are really busy. Instead of accidentally going an extra day without pay, your employees will know that the money comes in on time, every time. They will also appreciate knowing that everything has been managed properly with their taxes, so they don’t have any problems on a personal level at the end of the year. And if any issues arise, they know they can talk to us instead of having to get in it with their boss. Everyone wins when your business works with a PEO.

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