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What is a PEO or Employee Leasing Company?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employee Leasing company are full-service human resource outsourcing that operates under a co-employment model. Under this arrangement we provide payroll, worker’s comp, benefits administration, compliance, and much more on the behalf of your business. We have all of the liability when it comes to worker’s comp and payroll since under the co-employment model we can file all wages paid under our FEIN number.

PEO Diagram

Why use a PEO?

With our expert, strategic guidance as your PEO, you will be able to grow your business and have peace of mind that you’re more protected while doing so. We will help you with:

Payroll and tax filing

We process payroll and pay local, state and federal employment taxes. Payroll takes no more than a few clicks and we process the rest. We even have integrated systems to track and manage time that syncs directly with our software.

Worker's compensation insurance

When you partner with AllianceHR you will be enrolled underneath our master worker’s comp policy. We offer a flat percentage rate for worker’s comp and handle the complicated worker’s comp audits. Learn more on our worker’s comp page!


Our experts protect your business from fines and penalties in every HR area. We specialize in payroll tax law and reporting requirements, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, hiring and HR compliance.

Human resource support

You will have a dedicated payroll processor who is familiar with the ins and outs of payroll, worker’s comp, compliance, and more. The rest of our team will also be here to assist you in any HR business related activities.

Benefits administration

Our minimal essential coverage & supplemental benefits are available for your employees to enroll in the day you start as a client. We also have strategic partnerships that give you access to major medical plans as well as private insurance.


We offer a simple flat-percentage pricing model.

For example, if you have a builder who makes $1,000 a week and worker’s comp is 10% under our contract you will pay an additional $100 dollars a week for worker’s comp coverage for this employee. Easy, right?

Partnering with us means you’ll never have to deal with prepayments, large premiums, or audits ever again.

Get your free quote!

A PEO relationship with AllianceHR gives a company more time to focus on sales and daily operations, allowing them to grow and become more profitable. Let us help you build your business. Join AllianceHR today!. Please call us at (561)-972-4449 or fill out the contact form so we can have one of our representatives contact you and provide you with a quote.