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October 13, 2015
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October 18, 2015


Every small business knows how hard it is to manage the logistics of employing people. It is great that you are big enough to need employees, but it can be really difficult to deal with things related to HR. One of these things that can really seem daunting is payroll. With only a few employees, it may not be worth buying expensive software to manage your payroll, especially if you aren’t sure about all the laws that are governing the system in your area. Every state and city has different rules and different taxes, so you need to do it right.

Get a little help

As a small business, managing payroll is more difficult than a large one since bigger companies may have a large team to manage HR issues or at least one dedicated employee. Small business owners cannot afford to pay someone to work full time doing a job that might really only take one or two days a week to accomplish. But most small businesses are already struggling to find enough time in the day, and finding an extra couple days a week to deal with HR and payroll issues is impossible. Instead of paying someone to work full time doing a job that won’t take long, your company should consider hiring an outside company that only gets paid for the work it is doing, and it is much cheaper since you’ll only be paying for the services needed. No more worrying about when you’ll ever find time to review and cut all the paychecks.

Use Alliance to help your small business

A great resource for payroll management is Alliance HR. When you sign with Alliance HR, your business is in a “co-employment” agreement with Alliance HR. This allows you to maintain control over your employees and workplace solutions while we focus on taking care of the paperwork and hassle of things such as payroll. You no longer have to spend any time figuring out the rules or what taxes need to be paid when your employees get a check. Instead, we deal with all that. Another big reason to work with Alliance HR is that you won’t have to always remember payday. With a small business, sometimes busy days mean you forget to do important paperwork or fill out checks for employees. With Alliance HR, you and your employees have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never accidentally miss a payday ever again.

Getting payroll help from Alliance HR will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on increasing sales at your company instead of dealing with logistics.

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