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Comprehensive solutions for painless payroll processing

With the specialized support from your designated payroll specialist and our advanced payroll software, running payroll is easier than ever before.

“Alliance HR has totally removed all of my headaches as far as payroll, taxes, and handling the HR side of everything. They’ve eliminated my entire stress level for payroll.“
- Robert BaileyOffice Administrator, Progressive Site Development Inc

What’s Included

  • Streamlined Payroll Administration

    • Accepts check or direct deposit
    • Supports multiple pay structures, bonuses, off-cycle payments, and multi-state payroll
    • Easily enter hours & customize pay periods
    • Hands-on support from designated payroll specialist
  • Custom Reporting

    • Various standard reports to choose from
    • Custom built reports made just for you
    • Multiple file outputs available
    • On-demand reporting
  • Online Accessibility

    • User-friendly platform
    • Easily access and manage employee data
    • Print pay stubs/forms
    • Access to W2s
  • Employee Access to rapid! PayCard!™

    • Employee access to accrued wages 24/7
    • No more processing paper checks
    • Easy setup and no processing fees
    • Compatible with all bank accounts
    • Proven to increase employee retention by 20%
  • Optional Payroll financing

    • Process and finance payroll with one provider
    • Up to 30 days of financing
    • Quick and easy approval process
    • Flexible financing to improve cash flow management
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Payroll Tax and Compliance

Alliance HR will file and remit your business’ payroll taxes, ensuring compliance and that all  accounting and administration is done for you.  All payroll tax services are included in our PEO & ASO plans.
  • Federal, state, & local tax filings and payments
  • Federal and state registration administration
  • SUTA tax rate co-administration
  • Filed under your FEIN
  • W2s done automatically
  • Garnishment administration
  • State retirement program administration

Success Stories

  • “Payroll comes back quickly and It's always good. We've never had any problems. All our paychecks get directly deposited, which we love because that saves us a lot of money. Our last provider did not let us do direct deposits for every employee and we would have to pay for a courier to come. These guys have been great.”

    Cheri RodriguezOffice Administrator, Harbor Renovations
  • “Our old payroll software would require at least a two-day lee time to enter hours, but with Alliance HR, I can go in the day before, enter the hours, and the employees get paid the next day. That is the biggest headache they have relieved for me.”

    Robert BaileyOffice Manager & Administrator, Progressive Site Development Inc
  • “My last PEO cost us thousands in lost revenue due to mismanagement. They were not current on tax deductions and savings opportunities. Alliance HR is much more equipped in this area and have made this process so much easier.”

    Ronald DaytonPresident, Physicians Choice
  • “Alliance HR has totally removed all of my headaches as far as payroll, taxes, and handling the HR side of everything. They’ve eliminated my entire stress level for payroll.”

    Robert BaileyOffice Administrator, Progressive Site Development Inc

Integrated Payroll Relieves HR Headaches for Landscaping Company

Office Administrator improves HR efficiency with help of Alliance HR’s PEO plan.

Progressive Site Development Inc. is a successful landscape and irrigation company based in Miami, Florida. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been servicing commercial properties, specializing in hardscapes, softscapes, landscapes, and irrigation designs and installations. Earlier this year, Progressive Site Development signed onto Alliance HR’s PEO plan, recognizing the need for additional HR support.

"Alliance HR has totally removed all of my headaches as far as payroll, taxes, and handling the HR side of everything. They've eliminated of my entire stress level for payroll”

Robert Bailey, Office Administrator and Manager, Progressive Site Development Inc

The Problem: Lack of additional support for managing payroll and HR administration.

Office Administrator and Manager, Robert Bailey, rightfully became known as the “office guru”, as the sole person in charge of the company’s HR and back-office duties. While Bailey successfully juggled a wide range of responsibilities, the frequent headaches caused by payroll processing, tax, and HR administration took time away from equally pressing matters such as the businesses’ bidding and estimating.

With everything on his plate, Bailey didn’t want to devote his time to chasing down new hires for their information, manually entering hours into their payroll software, and scheduling direct deposits. Bailey was also greatly inconvenienced by their previous payroll software, as it had a strict two-day deadline to input hours before payroll was late. Because of this deadline, Bailey spent much of his time tracking down employees and answering non stop phone calls from those that didn’t get their hours in on time.

The Solution: Optimize payroll and HR administration with full-service support

Alliance HR’s PEO plan helps businesses achieve HR efficiency faster and more affordably. This PEO plan gives small businesses like Progressive Site Development access to full-service HR support without having to hire internal staff or seek out additional resources for support. Upon starting with Alliance HR, Bailey has already seen “a vast improvement in HR efficiency”, as he is able to invest more time into his other roles and overarching goals and still maintain a pulse on all things HR.

Since joining the PEO plan, the continuous stack of paperwork on Bailey’s desk has disappeared and the time spent on tedious HR tasks has gone from hours to minutes. Bailey now relies on his designated payroll specialist, Carter, to handle all the heavy lifting for the payroll, tax, HR administrative tasks that once consumed his workdays. Best of all, Bailey says the support he’s received from Alliance HR has eliminated the biggest headache of all: the flood of calls he received from employees concerned about their late paychecks. With Alliance HR’s software, he can enter in hours up until the night before payroll is due and know that it will still be processed the next day.

  • Company: Progressive Site Development Inc
  • Industry: Landscape & Irrigation
  • HQ: Miami, Florida
  • Plan: PEO
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