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Affordable, reliable, and cash-flow friendly. Receive up to 30 days of payroll financing with Alliance HR.

Goodbye to the stress of making payroll. Hello cash flow freedom.

Payroll expenses are one the main barriers to cash flow - but fear not - we have a game-changing solution that is helping businesses thrive. We offer an affordable, flexible method of payroll financing designed to create cash flow freedom for business owners.
  • Up to 30-days of payroll funding
  • Quick & easy approval process
  • One provider for payroll processing AND financing
  • 82%

    Of businesses fail from cash flow mismanagement

    *Based on report from Jessie Hagen of US bank, now cited on SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business website.
  • 61%

    Of SMBS struggle with fluctuating payroll cash outflows due to shifts in the workforce

    *Reported in “The Ups and Downs of Small Business Employment Report” from JP Morgan Chase & Co, Jan 2017
  • 70%

    Of American employees surveyed said they would face financial difficulty if their paychecks were one week late

    *Reported in the 2023 “Getting Paid in America” survey, PayrollOrg, 2023

Why Alliance HR should fund your payroll

“Alliance HR’ Payroll Financing allows us to continue on our 30-35% year-over-year growth trajectory while also allowing finances to stay flexible“

Matt Kolinski, CEO
Everest Recruiting
  • Affordable Payroll Funding

    • Single-vendor convenience eliminates costs of using multiple providers
    • Cost-effective alternative to factoring and traditional lending
    • Flat rate-simplicity
    • Accounting with ease
  • Custom Reporting

    • Easily track and manage invoices
    • Access to aging reports that are well-organized and easy to understand
    • Weekly notifications on outstanding balances
  • Seamless Payroll Integration

    • Payroll is processed timely and accurately, without funds leaving your account
    • Pay as you go invoicing and consolidated invoicing
    • Financing for multiple pay structures
  • Quick & Easy Approval Process

    • Get approved in just a few weeks
    • No guarantees and no collateral required
    • Turnkey solution for Immediate financing

Success Stories

  • “Alliance HR’s Payroll Financing allows us to continue on our 30-35% year-over-year growth trajectory while also allowing finances to stay flexible. Cash flow management has dramatically improved since we switched over to Alliance HR. Our CFO and accounting team have a much better, accurate, and reliable source for a 13-week cash flow as well as day-to-day.”

    Matt KolinskiCEO, Everest Recruiting
  • “Payroll Financing has been helpful for our customer base. We're able to provide them with longer terms on receivables which they like.”

    Robert JafariManager, Ability Rehab
  • “Payroll financing has made it extremely easy for us to enter hours, sick days, and PTO and not worry about direct deposits.”

    Ron DaytonPresident, Physicians Choice

Flexible Payroll Financing Fit for a Staffing Company

How payroll financing with Alliance HR helps staffing companies manage cash flows and grow profitably

Matt Kolinski is the CEO of Everest Recruiting, a successful temporary staffing firm that services high value call centers and light industrial warehousing. In early 2023, Kolinski made the decision to switch to Alliance HR’s ASO plan after realizing that traditional providers and factoring companies weren’t as adaptable to the flexible needs of the staffing industry.

“We feel that the change moving to Alliance HR, is a change for our future growth while also knowing we have the continued flexibility at all aspects"

Matt Kolinski, CEO, Everest Recruiting

The Problem: Maintaining consistent cash flows when customers make late payments.

While Everest Recruiting’s mix of clientele allowed for substantial growth over the past three years, they experienced cash flow issues when customers were impacted by the changes in the economic cycles. When these shifts occur, their customers often delay payments or undergo changes in their accounts payable departments, making it especially difficult for Everest Recruit to manage their cash flows and cover payroll for 180 temporary employees.

The Solution: Supplement late payments with payroll financing

The flexibility of Alliance HR’s plans and services was pivotal in Everest Recruiting’s decision to switch providers. Unlike many traditional financing options, Kolinski likes how Alliance HR’s terms don’t require funding to come from one single source, allowing them to receive funding when they need it and pay ahead of time when they don’t. With these customizable terms, payroll financing with Alliance HR proves to be an effective solution for industries like staffing, where it’s essential for finances to stay flexible.

Since Everest Recruiting started receiving payroll funding from Alliance HR, Kolinski has seen a dramatic improvement in cash flow management, as they have a much more accurate, reliable source of funding for their 13-week cash flow. Best of all, Alliance HR’s payroll funding solution has allowed Everest Recruiting to continue their 30-35% year-over-year growth trajectory by giving them the financial freedom to better navigate the ever-changing landscape of the staffing industry.

  • Company: Everest Recruiting
  • Industry: Staffing
  • Plan: ASO with Payroll Financing
  • Size: 180 Temporary Employees, 5 Corporate Employees
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