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Alliance HR provides customizable plan options for those looking PEO, ASO, and general payroll providers. Scroll down to learn more about each plan and their individual offerings.

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  • PEO Plan

    Best for those looking for a full-service PEO company. 
    Outsource a range of  responsibilities to Alliance HR to reduce liability and increase productivity. Easily customize your PEO plan with any of our add-on services.

    • Payroll Processing & Admin

    • Payroll Tax Administration & Compliance

    • Workers Compensation

    • Payroll Financing *add-on

    • Benefits * add-on

    What’s a PEO

    A PEO, also known as Professional Employer Organizations, provides comprehensive HR outsourcing services to other businesses. PEOs act as co-employers, performing a variety of employee-related tasks and administration (i.e. payroll, workers compensation, benefits) on behalf of their clients.

    Not all PEOS are the same, they can differ in the services they provide,  the industries they service, plans,  pricing, etc. Contact an Alliance HR sales representative to see how we compare to other providers. 

    • Payroll Processing, Tax & Compliance

      In addition to full-service payroll processing, PEOs can file payroll taxes at the state, local, and federal level. By outsourcing these services to a PEO, businesses can maintain compliance and greatly reduce the potential for errors and related fines. PEOS also strive to remain current on tax savings and deductions that can help their clients save revenue.

    • HR Support

      PEOs provide full-service HR support, without replacing the roles of any internal HR staff. Even businesses that already have an in-house HR specialist or department can work with a PEO to streamline operations and reduce the administrative burden.

    • Employee Benefits

      PEOs provide affordable access to high quality, comprehensive benefits offerings. By using a PEO, small to mid-sized businesses can afford to offer their employees the same quality of benefits that large-scale enterprises can.

    • Workers Compensation & Risk Mitigation

      PEOs provide full-service HR support. Even businesses that already have an in-house HR specialist or department can work with a PEO to streamline operations and reduce the administrative burden of their day-to-day tasks.

    Benefits of Using a PEO

  • ASO Plan

    Alliance HR can also act as an ASO company, providing another form of HR outsourcing without the co-employment relationship. When you partner with an ASO, you are fully responsible for your employees but still can receive valuable administrative support.

    Maintain responsibility over employees and still receive payroll processing, payroll tax administration, payroll tax calculations, and have your payroll tax payments processed under your company’s FEIN number.

    Option to add payroll financing for up to 30 days.

    * Does not include benefits or workers compensation
    • Payroll Processing & Admin

    • Payroll Tax Administration & Compliance

    • Payroll Financing *add-on

  • Payroll Only

    Full-service payroll processing & administration with an option to add financing for up to 30 days. 

    • Payroll Processing & Admin

    • Payroll Financing *add-on

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    Our simple percentage pricing model helps you accurately forecast payments, eliminates hidden fees, and offers more value at a lower rate. We provide custom rates based on the size of your payroll, line of work, and loss history. 

    This tailored approach keeps the payment process simple and cuts out unnecessary costs, so you’re only paying for exactly what you need. Best, of all, partnering with us means you’ll never have to deal with large premiums, or audits ever again