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  • Plans & Pricing

    • Alliance HR operates as a PEO, ASO, and general payroll provider.

      PEO: Alliance provides comprehensive HR outsourcing to increase HR productivity and reduce liability. Alliance HR acts as a co-employer with the client, performing a range employee-related administrative duties on their behalf. This plan offers more extensive HR support and ensures compliance.

      PEO Services:
      Payroll Processing & Admin
      Tax & Compliance
      Workers Compensation
      Employee Benefits - optional add-on
      Payroll Financing - optional add-on

      ASO (administrative services only): This option is best for those looking for full-service support for payroll and tax, while allowing employers to remain fully liable over employees. This plan does not require a co-employment relationship and does not include employee benefits or workers compensation services.

      ASO Services:
      Payroll Processing & Admin
      Tax & Compliance
      Payroll Financing - optional add-on

      Payroll Only: Basic support for payroll processing and admin. Option to add payroll financing.

      Payroll Only Services:
      Payroll Processing & Admin
      Payroll Financing - optional add-on

  • Payroll Financing

    • Alliance HR's payroll financing is entirely integrated with payroll processing. Once payroll is submitted Alliance HR will process 100% of the customer's payroll out of Alliance's bank account and the previous payroll is due according to the Client Service Agreement.

  • Payroll & Tax

    • Alliance HR uses the highly advanced payroll/HCM software from Darwinbox

  • Workers Comp

    • Alliance HR uses Next Level Administrators as a third-party administrator.*

  • Employee Benefits

    • By law, we offer the ACA to all employees. Regardless of if they opt in to the program or not, Alliance HR will quote ACA as a fixed rate, which is determined by a per employee per billable hour rate.

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