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December 16, 2015
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employee leasing

employee leasing

The business houses find lesser time to engage themselves in the human resource management or administrative activities. This happens because an entrepreneur may be efficient in carrying out business activities but not the management work.

The PEOs are the professional employers’ organization which helps you in managing your HR work in an organized way. Businessmen can lease out employees to these firms so that the company can focus on its core operations.

What actually is employee leasing?

Employee leasing is a wider term as it means when a company hires PEO for the administrative services and leases out its employees in return. But being a broader term, it also includes the following points:

  • Employee leasing is much more than handing over your administrative functions to the PEO.
  • It includes various factors related to employees such as looking after their wages and other benefits.
  • The leasing firm reports to the company about payrolls and employment taxes.
  • The main control still lies in the hands of your own company.
  • You have to pay the leasing firm for carrying out services like employee’s payments, their benefits etc.

Range of Benefits of Employee Leasing

Some companies think that leasing out employees can increase the monetary investment. But it is a wrong belief because as your business grows, the management becomes cumbersome. So, here comes the importance of employee leasing with its range of benefits.

  • Cuts down extra cost:  By leasing out employees, you are cutting down the extra cost of recruitment process. In this, the leasing firm will carry out the whole managerial process right from the payment to the hiring. The company only need to pay to this PEO for its services and rest work is carried by them.
  • Business houses can concentrate on making profits: The Company can concentrate on making profits and to make it more competent. They do not have to worry about the management issues. PEOs are the co-employers so they are responsible to carry out and solve the grievances related to employees.
  • Better risk management program: They also cover risk management and sources out apt training. The main business house feels relaxed as these firms keep a track record of your employees. The hiring of new employees, their compensation as well as claims related matters are all handled and paid by this PEO.

So, it is actually recommended to go for employee leasing so that you can concentrate on your core business thereby restricting the entire administrative hurdles to hamper your progress.

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