Reasons to Partner with a PEO for Workers Compensation Issues
November 2, 2015
peo workers compensation
Why To Use A PEO For Workers Compensation Issues?
November 16, 2015
employee leasing

employee leasing

For businesses, particularly the small ones, hiring employees means a lot of headache as it involves interviewing, training, recruiting, payroll taxes and whatnot! It becomes extremely time consuming and entrepreneurs find it increasingly impossible to focus on their core business operations. Hence, it is always recommended to small businesses to go for employee leasing with a reputed professional employer organization or PEO. Devoid of any administrative hassles, running a business will be then a smooth experience. So, if you are running a small business or start-up business, get to know the reasons how employee leasing can work wonders for a business.

  • Better employee benefits – In most cases, a PEO handles the payroll of more than one business and this enables them to be in a better position to bargain for group health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance. A small business thus enjoys the benefit of offering its employees better benefits.
    This is because of employee leasing that help them to keep their employees happy and satisfied which in turn is necessary for retaining the right talent. It is now a well-known fact that in a competitive world, retaining the right kind of talent is often crucial for the success of any business.
  • Enhanced employee safety program – Every year, a large number of businesses lose their employee’s valuable work time due to safety issues or accidents occurred at workplace. This causes a substantial loss in productivity and hampers smooth operation of day-to-day activities of a business. Joining a PEO for leasing your employees means they will take care of conducting employee safety programs to ensure workplace safety. This is a vital aspect for running a successful business as less the number of workplace injuries, the more your employees will feel valued by you. This improves employee engagement and their morale is boosted to work harder.
  • Timely distribution of payroll – It is of utmost importance for every business to distribute payments to its employees in a timely manner and that too accurately. Any discrepancies in payroll distribution can cause severe resentment among the employees. A PEO has an expertise of handling the payroll processing and distribution of multiple businesses and hence the possibility of a payroll error is quite remote.

Apart from all the above mentioned reasons, opting for employee leasing also means administration of benefit deductions, secure employee access, payroll record maintenance, workers compensation and many others things to be handled by the PEO. So, it is always a win-win situation to join a PEO for leasing your employees!

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