Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Providing Employee Benefits is an essential element in today business world. AllianceHR's state of the art payroll software enables us to fully administer your company’s benefit plans pre-tax. All AllianceHR clients and employees have online access to a number of detailed benefit reports. AllianceHR has a complete array of benefits plans that your company can qualify for by submitting a demographic census. Please speak with your sales representative and they will provide you with the information to start the process.

AllianceHR services include:

  • Accurate, On-Time Payroll Processing and Distribution
  • Direct Deposits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Secure, Online Client Login and Employee Access
  • “Pay as you go” workers comp. The client pays a certain percentage every pay period
  • Payroll record maintenance and management
  • Employee verification. I-9’s
  • Payroll Tax Compliance. Quarterly and Annual reports filed
  • W2’s and annual tax reports
  • Employee safety program and Return to work program
  • ACH payment of invoices
  • The elimination of client workers comp exposure since AllianceHR is the employer of record
  • Coverage through an “A” rated insurance carrier
  • Workers Comp and Unemployment Claims management
  • Certificate of insurance requests
  • No workers comp deposits, audits or large premiums
  • Established risk management program with a proven track record
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