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    Unlock your full potential with Alliance HR. We provide specialized support and cost-effective solutions for payroll processing, payroll financing, workers compensation, benefits, and more.

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    Welcome to Alliance HR. We provide businesses with specialized support and effective solutions that save them the time, money, and stress spent on their greatest HR challenges.

    Customizable Plans

    Our plans are designed to reduce costs and focus on the HR challenges you’re looking to target. Easily add or remove services from your PEO, ASO, or Payroll plan to get exactly what you need. Request a custom quote for more details on pricing. 

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    Why choose Alliance HR?

    AllianceHR gives businesses the competitive edge they need to get ahead of the game. Clients report faster growth, less stress, and higher savings with AllianceHR than their original PEO Providers. Don’t believe us?
    The numbers speak for themselves.

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    • 15%

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    Why clients love Alliance HR

    • Unbeatable rates compared to other PEO providers

    • Efficient, customizable HR solutions that save business time and money

    • Offers in-house payroll financing – a cost-effective alternative to factoring

    • Plan options for PEO, ASO, and payroll-only

    • Dedicated payroll specialist and exceptional customer care

    Success Stories

    • “The services that Alliance provides allows us to focus on the bigger picture, longer-term vision versus day-by-day, week-week planning. We feel that the change moving to Alliance HR, is a change for our future growth while also knowing we have the continued flexibility at all aspects.”

      Matt KolinskiCEO, Everest Recruiting
    • “I would definitely recommend Alliance HR. They're really responsive and always there when you need them. Payroll financing helps with the cash flows and allows us to extend credit to our customers, because they always want longer terms.”

      Ron DaytonPresident, Physician's Choice
    • “Alliance HR has totally removed all of my headaches as far as payroll, taxes, and handling the HR side of everything. They’ve eliminated my entire stress level for payroll. I think Alliance HR is very helpful for those in the landscaping industry and labor-driven industries. I would definitely recommend them.”

      Robert BaileyOffice Administrator, Progressive Site Development Inc
    • “I used to pull my hair out with my previous provider but the customer service at Alliance HR has been great. Carter, Jeremy, and Samantha are excellent. I couldn't have asked for a better PEO. I give them 5 stars and would quadruple that amount if I could.”

      Cheri RodriguezOffice Administrator, Harbor Renovations, LLC
    • “It was a challenge to manage workers comp on my own with the reports, compliance, and dreadful end-of-the-year audits. Now Alliance HR manages all of that for me. They also assume my worker’s comp risk which is a huge relief for me not having to worry about a worker’s comp claim or how to process it.”

      Steve CampbellGeneral Manager, Drywall Builders Enterprises
    • “Jeremy [from Alliance HR] was incredibly helpful and provided me with information and assurance I needed to go with this provider. I have not regretted my decision once. The service has been excellent - I give them five stars.”

      Robert JafariManager, Ability Rehab

    Who we Serve

    AllianceHR services businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises. We service those in industries with generally higher workers comp insurance and large or complex payroll structures, offering them better insurance rates, affordable payroll financing, and specialized services for their industry–specific needs.

    • Manufacturing

    • Warehousing

    • Construction

    • Landscaping

    • Healthcare


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      Our simple percentage pricing model helps you accurately forecast payments, eliminates hidden fees, and offers more value at a lower rate. We provide custom rates based on the size of your payroll, line of work, and loss history. 

      This tailored approach keeps the payment process simple and cuts out unnecessary costs, so you’re only paying for exactly what you need. Best, of all, partnering with us means you’ll never have to deal with large premiums, or audits ever again